Notes on the last 6.5 episodes of The Bear

A group of people scream at each other and yet it is surprisingly engaging, because all of the characters are likable underdogs that you’re rooting for along the lines of the cast of rejects in Ted Lasso or Slow Horses.

It hits on contemporary themes like working class and small business insanity, the death of the American city, corruption, and the struggle to do something with your life.

What will a second season bring? Can we tolerate another 8 episodes of unrelenting scream therapy? (My wife wasn’t even watching it, but being able to hear it from another room made her exclaim on more than one occasion — “Jesus Christ!” — desperately wanting it to stop.) Granted, the creators wisely create short digestible episodes, but how much more will we put up with? I look forward to seeing what their next move is.

I think it’s also worth remarking this is a Gen X show, even though some of the main characters are too young for that generation, but many are the old dog lifers from that 90s era (and beyond) still grinding it out in an occupation that doesn’t require any particular education or accreditation. Yes, you could get this just from the obvious age differential between characters, but the dead giveaway is the music, from a Pearl Jam outro in the first episode through — god forbid — I believe the Counting Fucking Crows. Whatever.

We good, chef?

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