Notes on the new Thor movie

It’s a rehash of the last Thor movie Taika Waititi did. I am a fan of Taika Waititi, but it seemed like he either wasn’t allowed to run with or decided to phone in his particular flair of oddball humor.

Matt Damon appears as a thespian playing Loki, again. Melissa McCarthy appears as the ridiculous incarnation in the same ridiculous play as Hela providing the absurd contrast between her large jolly self and the character played by Cate Blanchet.

All of the Marvel movies get to be like this, but this one particularly felt like a film filled with cameos (again, I’m a fan of at least some of the work of all of these actors). Russel Crowe as Zeus? Ok, I guess. Christian Bale, the man with the most recognizable teeth in Hollywood (only to be capped with demon teeth when he possesses the sword that can kill immortal gods) gets to be the killjoy, a condition I’m guessing he saw as an acceptable compromise, if he absolutely had to be in a Marvel movie.

But even if those cameo appearances excited you (the performances definitely did not) the story line set up of Thor making all the gods angry at him, laying the groundwork for the next god-awful (pun intended) phase, feels desperate and lame, but all the movies in this franchise at this point feel that way. A story line that should’ve ended with Infinity War and Endgame refuses to do anything but end the game.

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