Notes on Mad God

Control structures whose purpose seems ludicrous and whose methods are cruel. If there are any humans it’s not obvious visually, yet throughout it’s haunted by the cries of infants.

Living creatures appear transmogrified by radiation and mutated by a raw sense of survival with no higher purpose.

Life is cheap. Beings are regularly squashed like ants and pulped into slime that is regurgitated and reanimated into yet another life form that will meet a similar fate, and the circle of life/death continues.

The beings are doing an awful lot of mindless and pointless work, digging and piling up endless oozes of shit, stacking up slabs of metal only to have them knocked down and kill the stackers. These workers take out their frustrations and violence on each other, not their masters.

Medical atrocities, experimental torture done in the name of whatever passes for science in this world, whatever passes for curiosity but looks more like sadism.

A commentary on animal experimentation, war, work, control, and the idiocy and insanity of whatever shreds of a power structure remain after a nuclear holocaust.

Repetition without a different outcome.

The insanity of that loop is ever present. From the repeated pointlessness of the tasks the creatures are forced to endure to the “heroes” with a mission to blow it all up and fail only to be eviscerated on a surgeon’s table and have maggot babies dredged out of their innards.

And don’t let all that overshadow this film’s great soundtrack. A major “special effect” in this story.


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